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The book: 3D Programming for Windows

3D programming for windows 
by Ari Berger

Word97 format[511KB],  Word6 format [1.8MB]

Translation into Chinese [1.1MB] by Liang Aibin ( lab_zj @ 263 . net )

Samples( from the book) for Visual C++ 5.0\6.0 [1.18MB]
Samples (from the book) for Visual Basic 6.0
Samples (from the book) for Delphi 4.0

Samples (from the book) for Borland C++

Samples (from the book) for Borland Builder 3.0


The book: Programming 3D Web Sites and Internet Applications


Programming 3D Web sites and Internet applications
by Tzachi Shahar
Chinese - Tutorials & Book 3DSTATE 3D图形引擎开发第一 简明教程
1. New tutorials in Chinese by Liang Aibin ( lab_zj @ 263 . net )

2. The Book 3D programming for windows.  Translated into Chinese by Liang Aibin ( lab_zj @ 263 . net )


In German ! 3D programming tutorials in German - Deutsche Einfhrung
Geschrieben von Michael Hauck


3DSTATE file format help
3DSTATE file format (wld files) is a very straight forward format for describing 3D worlds. 


Performance and general tips 
Tips on how to improve you 3D application speed and other important notes. This is a very short document that is highly recommended to every serious programmer.
Note also the new Speed Technology (See the Tools' download page)
Adding lightmaps to your worlds using 3D Studio MAX
Lightmaps are one of the best ways to improve the visual quality of your world dramatically. This tutorial shows you how to use 3DS Max to add lightmaps to your 3dstate worlds.
Our Links page.
Our Links Page contains information on many 3DSTATE related Web Sites. Many of them include more tutorials, demos and general tips.